Tim Arthur

Tim Arthur (PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM) has been with SAS 15 years and was formerly with IBM (17) and the USAF (4).  He’s managed multiple, global, 24×7 mission critical projects, successfully. His experience with management, project, and program management converge into his overall role as SAS Agile Champion, trainer, coach, and scrum-master.  He earned his BS from continue reading →

Jared Richardson

Jared Richardson is an author, consultant, and developer. He’s active in both coaching and coding. He co-authored the best selling book Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects and Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life. Jared is a frequent speaker in the Agile space. He lives with his wife and children in continue reading →

Devin Hedge

Management Consultant – Lean Product Development Coach – IT Strategist – Agilist Devin Hedge brings almost two decades of experience working in the IT Industry in his role as an Executive Coach, Organizational Agility Consultant and Lean Product Development specialist. He has been Managing Software Development, Enterprise Engineering and Program Performance Management projects of various continue reading →

Andy Hunt

Andy started in the do-it-yourself days of CP/M and the S100 bus, of Heathkits and Radio Electronics. Andy wrote his first real program, a combination text editor and database manager, for an Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P. It was a great era for tinkering. Andy started hacking in 6502 assembler, modifying operating systems, and wrote his continue reading →

Arjay Hinek

Arjay came to Agile after 10 years of software project management in the automotive industry and 2 years in SaaS.  During that time, he found himself surrounded by people claiming to be “Agile.” Something didn’t seem right with the way they were doing it, so Arjay got his CSM and CSPO certifications in 2011 and continue reading →

Catherine Louis

As an independent Agile Coach Catherine works with startups and product groups in high tech firms who aim to become more effective in implementing their vision, more open for change and more focused on creating value under conditions of high uncertainty while growing their teams. As a trainer, she is focused on agile product management continue reading →

Alistair Cockburn

Dr. Alistair Cockburn is a world-renowned expert at what is called agile development, the early and regular delivery of business value through improved communications, fast feedback and staged delivery. Dr. Cockburn co-founded the agile development movement, co-authoring the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the project leadership Declaration of Inter-dependence. He wrote the Jolt-Productivity Award continue reading →